Advantages of vacationing on a Private Island

Everyone loves vacation. Taking a break from our everyday hectic life and enjoy few moments in paradise is something many people look up to. The luxury vacation style has changed over the years. Earlier only the 5-star hotels were what meant to be a luxury, but now, most of the vacation goers are choosing more relaxed vacations. They now emphasise on privacy, comfort, independence, and once in a lifetime experience. The old-school crowded vacation is slowly getting overtaken by unique and magical experiences.

Private Island villas have been the talk for few years when it comes to vacation and it is here to stay. This upscale choice has redefined the hospitality industry with private accommodations at exotic locations. These vacation homes offer conveniences and luxuries that other accommodations don’t. While all these sound expensive and only for the rich, there are some private islands that are affordable for the general public.

Here we have listed some key advantages about why you should consider a private island hotel for your next vacation:

  • Personal Experience

People usually go on vacation to improve life satisfaction and mental peace.   Studies show that, people who took frequent vacations having good overall health and life-changing experiences that have a long-lasting impact, which exceeds the duration of the vacation itself.

A peaceful experience leads to more positive energy and perspective on past experiences. The only thing we want to do on a vacation is to relax and decompress, which is easier said than done. With regular vacation hotels, you are surrounded by strangers, children running here and there, and your neighbouring mate is loud at an inappropriate hour. All these things can ruin a good experience. Imagine hearing the sound of ocean and birds so very clearly without any disturbance, seems surreal right?

Private villas give you the tranquillity and privacy you require on a vacation.  You can do absolutely anything without being bothered by anyone. On a private island, you get to be what you are without any judgement. You go on a peaceful journey within yourself, and that’s what makes it worth everything.

  • Best for Groups

While your regular hotels can accommodate large groups, but it doesn’t provide the same experience a private island does. In regular hotels, you will get separate rooms, and chances are you may get separate floors altogether. You will get to hang out with your friends in the lobby or the club, but you will be sharing with strangers as well.

When you book a private island, you get the whole area to yourself. You will get large lounges and sitting areas that are perfect for larger groups of 10 or more. Large dining tables and pit fireplaces that can accommodate everyone. Also booking the entire villa is way more cost-effective than booking several hotel rooms.

  • An Exclusive Deal

One of the best advantages you get in a private island villa is the exclusivity. Most of these villas are located in an exotic and secluded area that allows luxurious isolation from any crowd. You have the property and all its amenities all to yourself. This is why nowadays most honeymoon couples are drifting towards private locations rather than crowded regular hotels.

A private island villa lets you and your buddies enjoy all the first-class facilities like an infinity pool, spa room, fitness room, restaurants, activities, etc. without sharing them with any stranger. But, make sure to check for bed bugs in whichever villa you say, else you would have to hire professional bed bug control services for your home when they come with you.

  • Personal Staff

Yes, regular luxury hotels also have personalized butler service, but the staff you get in a private island resort is something else. Most of the private villas have dedicated staff to cater to all of your needs during your stay. This includes a private chef, a housekeeping team, your personal villa manager, a private trainer, etc. They will be at the island to tend to your needs day and night. You will get their undivided attention as you won’t be sharing them with anyone. The private staff will note your preferences, which will allow them to tailor your needs without repeating them several times.

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