Pros and Cons of Open Floor Plan

Architecture and interior design are two branches of the same tree. Sometimes they work harmoniously and sometimes are at odds with each other. One of the main examples is the layouts of your home i.e. are you considering open floor or closed floor plans? Floor plans influence the construction of the home by a lot and also very important during any renovation. The open floor plan has its own pros and cons. Finally, it will come down to what’s in your top priority that you are looking for in a home.

The open floor plan is more popular among the modern generation. It refers to a house whose 2 or 3 spaces are combined to make one larger space. In an open floor plan, walls are limited; the best example is to join the living room, kitchen, and dining room, and making in one whole living space. In a traditional closed floor plan, each designated space is made of separate rooms that are enclosed by the walls. While an open floor plan gives a modern aesthetic look, a traditional closed floor plan gives you private specialized spaces. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of open floor plans:

Pros of Open Floor Plan:


As there are no walls in the open floor design, you get more space. You can make a smaller space look bigger. People can move easily and it is best for hosting parties and events. It offers more flexibility in using the entire space. Without walls enclosing, it is easier to re-design the place the way you want, by enlarging or shrinking it.

Interior Design:

Open floor houses provide more space for creativity and imagination. If you are an art lover, an open floor is great for you. You can install big portraits and showpieces you love. You can play with your creativity when it comes to designing the interior. An open floor plan provides you a plethora of opportunities to make a home the way you want.


Open floor plan offers a great advantage for families in terms of safety. If you have children, it is easier to keep an eye on them as there are no walls. That means, if you are in the kitchen, you can watch your kid who is watching TV in the living area. It is also great for the elderly or people with special needs, who need constant supervision. If you want a surveillance camera in your home, an open floor house gives a better view than closed floor ones.


With no walls, cleaning in an open floor house is easier and faster. It normally has the same type of flooring, so it is much easier. You don’t have to switch between vacuum, broom, and mop. But to maintain cleanliness, it is advisable to hire professional deep home cleaning service providers every now and then.

Resale Value:

Depending upon the architecture, trend, and interior, open floor houses have the upper hand when it comes to re-sale. More buyers are attracted to open floor and are willing to pay more, rather than closed floor houses. As per reports, more than 70% of buyers now want houses with open floor structures, making them more saleable.

Cons of Open Floor Plan:


Without walls, there is no privacy in an open floor house, except for bathrooms. It is difficult to do certain tasks without someone seeing you. On an open floor, the sound could echo a little. If you have guests over, it can be hard to keep out the noise from other spaces.


Not many people like the smell of cooking while they are watching TV or doing some work. As the kitchen is open to the living areas, the smell from the kitchen can travel through the entire house. It can be more infuriating if you are cooking with spices and produce that doesn’t smell good. Also, the residue smell from the kitchen can be unpleasant for which you may have to call professional kitchen cleaning services.


It is very expensive to cool or heat the entire area of an open floor planned house. Due to a larger space, the temperature escapes quickly and hence needs more equipment to keep it appropriate, raising the energy costs.

When should you go for an Open Floor Plan?

Open floor plans are great if you have to work with smaller spaces. It can make your place look bigger and give a more modern look. You can opt for an open floor plan under the following circumstances:

  • When you have a family that needs constant supervision
  • You have guests over more frequently
  • You like throwing parties and hosting events at your own place
  • When it is temporary and you will be selling it in the near future
  • When you like spacious places and more natural lightning
  • When you artistic, creative, or imaginative

Ultimately, it will be your decision to consider the type of floor plan you need. You have to choose considering your lifestyle and a layout that will work for everyone who will reside in it. Before making your decision, you should ask advice from the experts, whether or not to go for the open floor plan. There are pros and cons to everything; it’s up to you what ticks your top priority list.

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