Pros and Cons of Open Plan Kitchen

The urban lifestyle is fancy but it also creates a problem of lack of space. Interior designers come up with new ideas to make our life easy and comfortable in the little space we have. A modern interior design concept is the open-plan house. This popular design opens up multiple rooms to a single space. Generally, the bedroom, the living room, and the kitchen have no walls, which are treated as a giant living space. This design is convenient for those who are more open in nature, people who love to entertain guests or people who want to make most of the space available.

Even though this concept is popular and adopted by many, it is not ideal for every person or space. You still have to take the help of professional kitchen cleaning services in Chennai when you want to deep clean. Though many are a fan of open kitchen plans for their functionality, many don’t reciprocate the same.

So, before you tear part those walls, here are the pros and cons of having an open kitchen:

Pros of Open Kitchen Plan

  • Looks Spacious:

It is said that the more space, the more luxurious it is, and any improvement that makes your home feel more spacious is a good improvement. Removing barriers, such as walls from the kitchen and living room, will create more space, which is the main purpose of an open plan.

By opening up the floor plan, not only you will be taking the advantage of a good design, but also establish a sense of togetherness by using the open spaces. Open space with fewer walls will help in keeping an eye on your kids directly from the kitchen.

  • Can Easily Entertain:

If you have a lifestyle where you frequently entertain your family and friends, then an open floor plan will be the best choice. Social interaction means engaging with people and what better than engagement with fewer walls. With all the open space, you can be socially approachable to anyone.

An island kitchen can be the centre of your social entertainment, which can be a perfect gathering spot and with few chairs, it will be more than perfect.

  • Well-Lit Space

Natural light is a very important factor considering the liveability inside any home and it also helps in minimizing the electricity bill. By knocking down few walls of the kitchen, you will be allowing an abundance of natural light into it that also brightens up the whole place.

The position and size of the windows also matter when creating a naturally well-lit kitchen. A few extra windows or a skylight will also do the trick. With an open kitchen, you will allow the lights of the living area to fall onto the kitchen, giving it a cozier vibe.

Cons of Open Kitchen Plan

  • Can’t Hide the Mess:

A busy kitchen means a messy kitchen. Whether it’s dirty dishes, messy countertops, spilled products, etc., the kitchen always has something that needs cleaning. In traditional kitchens, you can get away with a messy kitchen by hiding it, but in an open kitchen, there is nowhere to hide. If sometimes the mess gets out of hand, you would require hiring professional kitchen cleaning services, to make the place spotless.

  • It’s More Noisy and Smelly:

Apart from blocking the view, walls also block out most of the noise and smell that comes from a place. With fewer walls, the noise of an open kitchen can travel anywhere inside the house. Washing dishes, the sound of cooking, the noises of a mixer or blender, etc. are some noises that will travel easily to the living and bedroom.

A kitchen is also a place that smells a lot. Indian cooking uses a lot of herbs and spices that have strong smells. With fewer walls, the smells of the kitchen also get carried to every area of the place. Even if you hire cleaning services in Chennai for regular cleaning, the smell of cooking will still be there.

  • Lack of Privacy:

If you are a private person while cooking, the open floor plan is not for you. With a closed kitchen, you can experiment and concentrate more on cooking, without any judgement. But with an open kitchen, due to lack of privacy, you can get overwhelmed while experimenting and the noise from the living room’s TV and all the chattering in the house also doesn’t help.

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